This is an update to a Kafkaesque story collection I first announced last year—18 tales in 60-some pages, mostly fitting into the category of flash fiction. The main revision to the book has been to its cover, which I redesigned for the sake of posterity. This time, the cover reflects some of the book’s themes and, well, just looks better to boot. The book’s blurb:

Crossroads: Ultra-short Stories of the Absurd

Contemplative, at times harrowing, and often darkly humored themes are explored in eighteen Kafkaesque tales. Topics include civilized war, an argument for why kisses are logically impossible, how a small town dealt with the pandemic of butterflies, detachable hearts, forbidden fruit, and the outcome of climbing ropes suspended from skies.

If you happen to be interested, this short story collection can be freely downloaded in various formats (epub, mobi, and pdf included) at with no sign-in required. And for the truly adventurous, it can be purchased at amazon in both paperback and Kindle (mobi) versions.

A small favor: If you find that its stories move you one way or another, please take a second to leave a review at smashwords or, even better, at amazon. At amazon I’ve no reviews so far, but, hey, the book’s managed a 4.5/5 rating at smashwords … not too shabby, I’d say. Nevertheless, having more reviews would be welcomed. And yes, I’m nearly ashamed of this blatant self-promotion. But somebody’s got to do it.

Thanks for checking out this post. I should be returning from my time off and posting a few more things in the upcoming weeks.