Painting: The Lovers’ Kiss

This oil paining was inspired by a long distance photo I took of two lovers who, during that period of time, inhabited a world all to themselves, remaining blissfully oblivious to the people that surrounded. The form of their embrace was to me captivating: visually expressing a tale of spiritual kinship coupled with ardent romantic love.

The painting itself is as impastoed as I could accomplish given the details I wanted to capture within the canvas size I used. Attention is drawn to the kiss itself – an area where the impasto fades from view, the increased white nearly serving as a spotlight – with surrounding reds intended to convey romantic passion and with yellows intending to convey a core sentiment of agape. Though somewhat subtle, further symbolism includes the apple by her side – representing her gift of spiritual knowledge – while the darkness serving as a background for him was meant to draw one’s emotive attention to hidden depths and mystery.

  • Title: The Lovers’ Kiss
  • By: Michael W Moiceanu
  • Canvas size: 16″ width x 20″ height x 1-1/2″ depth, with black sides
  • Paints: Oils

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