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Functional Art: Luxury Dining Table, Padauk Design

This elegant, robust, handmade, dining table can seat six people and is built from a variety of mostly exotic hardwood species. It rests upon five legs – the hollowed fifth leg at the center greatly adding to the table’s strength while providing a unique aesthetic appeal. For transportation, it can be disassembled into seven parts. When assembled, it does not shift but holds all the properties of one solid piece. Table dimensions: 41″ width x 61″ length x 30″ height. This item is available for purchase. … Find out more

Painting: A Masquerade’s Momentum

A 3D abstract art piece created by cutting and folding the canvas, applying oil paints till the right balance of colors was achieved, and suspending the work from the wall via use of a partial frame. …. More

Photography: Venice, Italy

Fifty-some select photographs from a photo shoot of Venice, Italy, taken in 2015. … More


Contemplative, at times harrowing, and often darkly humored themes are explored in eighteen Kafkaesque tales. Topics include civilized wars, an argument for why kisses are logically impossible, how a town dealt with the pandemic of butterflies, detachable hearts, forbidden fruit, and the outcome of climbing ropes suspended from skies. … See More

An online, public domain project currently in progress at AnEnquiry.info, this ongoing philosophical work attempts to systematically investigate both ontology and epistemology by accumulating optimal certainties within a prevailing framework of fallibilism. … See More

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