I’m an aspiring novelist, philosopher, painter, musician, and the occasional creator of fine furniture. Among other things, I’m a stern believer in the aesthetic—in its power to captivate, to cure, and, where appropriate, to unnerve one’s mindset till new insights become gained.  

Currently located in Anaheim, California, I was birthed in Romania and was there exposed to a wide diversity of environments during my formative years: from idyllic countrysides along the Carpathian Mountains and the Danube River, where I often spent extended time with close relatives, to the bustle of the capital where I mingled as a child with academics and artists, some of which were family, others whose works I became exposed to through family members.

Having been privileged to grow up as a US citizen since a late preadolescent (and despite my best attempts at a PhD (in the then newly emerging field of evolutionary psychology) having been cut short by my father’s untimely death), my affinities for both the humanities and the sciences have only increased since that time period.

In reviewing the years that have gone by, I can safely affirm that my life has been a turbulent mixture of elements. From these I find that I’ve gained a great many stories to tell—timid though I often am about telling them—together with a deeper appreciation for life’s ups as well as downs. It is these same, diverse elements that I try to instill in various ways into the works I create, in manners as aesthetic as I am capable of.