Functional Art: Luxury Dining Table, Padauk Design

This elegant, robust, handmade, dining table can seat six people and is built from a variety of mostly exotic hardwood species. It rests upon five legs – with the hollowed fifth leg at the center greatly adding to the table’s strength while providing a unique aesthetic appeal.

The five legs consist of Maple and Walnut. The tabletop’s boarder is made of African Padauk – each mitered corner reinforced, in part, by three Maple splines. The same Padauk is interwoven into the tabletop’s mosaic of exotic wood species. In addition to Padauk, these include Bocote, Leopardwood, Purpleheart, Tigerwood, Wenge, and Zebrawood. Light colored highlights in the mosaic are provided by smaller pieces of Maple.

The tabletop is of a gloss sheen – composed of five coats of the durable Arm-R-Seal urethane topcoat – while the legs are satin – covered with four coats of the Waterlox Original sealer and finish. Both varnishes are food-safe.

The table can be disassembled into seven pieces: the five individual legs, a skeletal oak frame into which the five legs become attached using bolts, and the tabletop itself, which is itself attached into this assembly of five legs and oak frame with bolts. When assembled, the table does not rock back and forth when pushed from any direction, but instead acts as one solid piece.  

The four corner legs are placed at the very ends of the table, maximizing the space between the table legs to 34″ width and 52″ length – thereby giving a seating space of 26″ along the length side when seating six (this can be compared to the rule of thumb of allowing 24″ for each seat at a formal meal). The center leg is proportioned to be as wide as possible while not touching chairs (of a typical size) which are fully drawn in, nor the knees of seated individuals – providing for 17″ – 18″ chair placement depth beneath the table along the table’s length. The table’s total width measures a little over 41″, which gives a setting depth of 20.5″, exceeding the typical 15″ – 18″ range. This while the table’s total length measures 61″ – providing for a more compact six-seater dining table which nevertheless meets the recommended allowance of space per individual.

Designing this little critter – taking into consideration both the table’s optimal functionality and aesthetics – took me a few years to finalize. The actual building of it was interspersed throughout the course of one year. When calculating the project at 40 hours of work per week, I completed it in approximately three months’ time.

Taking into account both the hours of work and the cost of materials required, this dining table is currently valued at $18,720 USD.

To inquire about the work, or to make an offer on it, please contact me.

  • Table dimensions: 3’5″ x 5’1″ at a 30″ height.
  • Center glass: tempered; 14″ x 28″ x 3/8″ thickness; removable (with use of glass suction cups)
  • Designer: Michael W Moiceanu
  • Builder: Michael W Moiceanu
  • Valued at: $18,720 USD

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