Painting: Aphrodite’s Revenge

The symbolism to this painting is personal, and not the easiest to explain. To the upper left side, there’s a woman made of water that blends into a man’s watery torso directly beneath; she holds a drop of water in front of the man’s hidden head. On the right, there is a hawk flying toward the viewer, with only its wing being visible. At center is an eye embodied in a partly geometric, partly organic form – to me indicating something cosmic, spiritual, and sentient. The backdrop consists of the ocean – here, the geological source of all life – and a full moon located between clouds at a time nearing twilight. Definitely intending surrealism, the composition of these elements happen to work for me.

I built the wooden substratum by hand with redwood frames topped with a wood veneer, making the structure both light and resistant despite the size. The left side was hand carved, has hollow underneath, and rests suspended from the wall, giving shadows that echo the curvature of the falling water. And the two halves of the piece are joined by bolts that go through the frames.

  • Title: Aphrodite’s Revenge
  • By: Michael W Moiceanu
  • Total frame size: 25″ width x 50.5″ height x 2″ depth
  • Paints: Oils over acrylic

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